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Service leaders often are the pillar that others lean on when things descend into chaos.

But what happens when everything collapses around us, and we too feel the crushing weight of a pandemic that upends all our plans and stresses our systems, our people, and ourselves to the limit?

We can muddle through, or we can build on the foundation that marks our profession—the willingness to help each other—to know that all of us are better than any one of us.

Introducing Roundtables with Phil

That’s why we invited 28 service leaders — colleagues, customers, industry leaders, and thought gurus to orchestrate a series of roundtable conversations to explore ways to help each other and share tips, “gotchas,” and new best practices as we navigate our way to surer footing.

Focusing on next-generation services leaders

The first series of virtual roundtable discussions focused on how to identify and develop next-generation services leaders.

We brainstormed and identified the skills and personality traits demonstrated by team members who they would notice as potential leaders.

We then used a framework from a Harvard Business Review article to see how services leaders can help develop and mentor promising employees once they’ve identified their potential. To make it manageable, we broke it down into smaller steps within seven categories which we categorized as Good, Better, and Best.

Check out the roundtable link above for highly-rated resources you can use today. Pay it forward by commenting/improving it and sharing it with your teams and your network.

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