This group is an informal “think tank” organized to help service, support, and shared services leaders share knowledge while faced with challenging circumstances.

Our Leadership Roundtable supports the industry through change.

Back in March 2020, when COVID-19’s impact was still a complete unknown, Klever Insight’s CEO Phil Verghis reached out to friends and colleagues to see how he could help. He firmly believes all of us are better than any one of us, and he hoped he could pull together a kind of “support group” that would promote discussion of industry-related topics (well beyond COVID-19 challenges).

The response was overwhelming. So, a year later, we have started the second cohort of leaders in the roundtable. You can see more from last year’s roundtables here.

The roundtable, which meets remotely each month, does a deep dive on a topic chosen by members for its significance to them. We follow the Chatham House Rule to ensure full candor while probing difficult topics. As appropriate, we extrapolate learnings and share them for all to benefit, with some being made public to everyone.

We’ve made sure it was more than a series of Zoom meetings with opiniated people who recycled the same old content and way of thinking. We use facilitated structured brainstorming techniques to frame issues and solutions and came up with a long list of suggestions and comments, with active engagement from leaders. In fact, we will continue to use many of these techniques and tools when we can meet in person. An example is the deep dive we did on developing up-and-coming leaders using an innovative “good/better/best” framework. We generated 333 ideas, comments, and suggestions in the broader group meetings before releasing it as a free report for anyone to use and from which all can benefit.

We plan to continue these roundtables through the end of 2021. Keep checking back for new developments and insights as they are posted.