Our roundtable discussions encourage all members to use their voice.

The Services Roundtable seeks to be truly democratic, and follows Chatham House Rule:

  • All invitees who expressed interest in attending the roundtable were polled on the topics they were most interested in discussing.
  • Those topics were ranked from most popular to least, and the top choices were scheduled for discussion.
  • Each topic is discussed on our calls—first brainstorming around a number of questions posed by moderator Phil Verghis; then streamlining and codifying the main conclusions the group has drawn from the discussions.
  • Outside of the calls, roundtable members have access to an online “whiteboard” application where they can add additional thoughts to those generated during the first discussion.
  • Ideas that don’t reach consensus or those that are judged to be adjacent to the topic at hand are placed in a “parking lot” for future discussion.
  • Roundtable members are free to write articles, blog posts, or memos summarizing the groups findings.