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Combine Klever Insight’s software with customizable services.

When it comes to hands-on managers, process improvement, and achieving your team’s goals,
there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Klever Insight has helped all types of organizations by offering a menu of customizable services around our software, which guides managers through leaps, jumps, and steps to achieve desired business outcomes.

So, what can you expect when you work with us?

continual process improvement

Continual process improvement

Klever Insight was founded to help hands-on tech support managers—who are buried in service requests and customer escalations—to improve end-to-end processes and impact the customer and employee experience across the organization. First, we help them find the time to think and act more strategically. Then we break down proven and leading-edge best practices into small, manageable tasks that take just minutes a day to accomplish.

library of leaps

Library of leaps reinforces best practices

We’ve codified best practices into guided methodology that continually improves the process. No training seminar, online course, or consulting firm can provide the level of knowledge, confidence, and reinforcement in as little time as Klever Insight’s software-as-a-service.

Based on our own experiences in service and support, we spent two years building algorithms to achieve a data-driven, modern approach to the strategic challenges hands-on managers face. We wrote algorithms and heuristics and used behavioral science and advanced knowledge-sharing techniques to codify more than 100 best practices into a library of guided methodology that continually improves end-to-end processes. This includes things like improving backlog, reducing re-work, and improving time to competency for employees.
The solution quickly gains user buy-in because it is easy to stand up: Unlike alternative solutions, the software requires no consulting time, no professional services, and no disruptive integration with existing IT services.

Users can be trained on the software in less than an hour, and then spend just minutes a day interacting with the interface, reviewing guidelines around the next step in their process.

And while Klever Insight software does offer recommended steps, the data-driven, people-centric solution allows users to choose the leaps, jumps, and steps they work on next.

hands on customizable

Hands-on, customizable service

We think our software is pretty easy to use, but that doesn’t mean our customers don’t appreciate some help getting started. We’re prepared to offer as little or as much assistance as your organization needs to realize optimal results.

If you’d like some hands-on guidance, we offer additional consulting services, as well as Pilot and Accelerator programs that help assess your team’s specific needs and choose the leaps that address them. It’s a customized solution at out-of-the-box pricing!

Additionally, a senior Klever Insight coach can meet with your team and help assess your most pressing needs, then align them with your organization’s long-term goals. Phil will continue to meet with them on a weekly basis to guide them through the process, customizing leaps and jumps to suit your organization’s needs.

Which solution is right for you? Contact us now to discuss how we can help you today.

Are you ready to leap forward? Klever Insight’s software and customizable services are designed to fit your organization’s unique approach.