Your service-and-support capability measure
is more than your customer satisfaction score.

For most organizations, that means bringing in consultants to talk to a few stakeholders or issuing a vague and broad employee survey. These tactics usually result in pretty graphs but don’t help the leadership team decide which projects to undertake to achieve systemic, lasting change that positively impacts the business.

Klever Assessment

We spent two years working on a short, simple employee survey that asks your team for their input on strategy. It’s just 14 questions, and it takes less than three minutes to fill out, even if English is their second language. 

Considering your employees’ input may be the best first step you can take in developing strategic plans. After all, it’s always better to improve a process than simply follow it, but not if the “improvements” increase the customer and employee effort or destroy your bottom line.

How Does your Service DNA compare?

From their answers, we extrapolate your “Service DNA.” This is a measure of your maturity against six dimensions: people, process, technology, culture, leadership, and metrics. We view the answers through different lenses, each providing us data and a critical perspective to see what works and what doesn’t.

More importantly, and most uniquely, it allows us to show you what is possible, so we can recommend specific interventions in logical sequence that maximize your likelihood of success.

How? We compare your Service DNA against other organizations we’ve helped, and algorithms match your organization with companies that share similar characteristics and issues. We see what worked for them and adapt it to match your organization’s challenges and needs.

Our Assessment is your first step forward

This assessment is not just an audit, but a critical step in moving your organization forward: Can you do X before Y? Should you? You want swarming, but if your culture is one of command and control, that won’t work. 

The assessment finds the balance that allows teams to complete their work quickly, simply, and joyfully, so that customers are happy, and the business grows. That belief is at the very heart of our Customer Support Capability Assessment.

Our assessment analyzes perceptions about
the organization’s abilities
viewed through multiple lenses

Lens 1:

Listening and Learning Dimensions

What we look for:

How well do you listen to your customers, employees, and the business, and how well do you apply what you learn?


Executive Summary:

While you listen fairly well to your customers and the business, you don’t do as well in terms of listening to your employees. Additionally, your team perceives that you could do a better job of applying what you learn.

Lens 2:

Alignment, Behavior, Capability Dimensions

What we look for:

How well are the needs of your customers, employees, and business aligned? What team behaviors help or hinder your team’s ability to apply what you learn about customers, employees, and the business?


Executive Summary:

Your team feels supported in an environment where the right sets of behaviors augment the capabilities you have currently in place to meet current demand and future needs. You can make improvements along the alignment dimension, however.

Lens 3:


What we look for:

How aligned are you with the OCMF Group measures? Modern measures that matter.


Executive Summary:

Your people should be judged by the metrics that matter.

When it comes to data, too much can be, well, too much. We understand the need for extensive research on customers, markets, and other information that provides actionable business insights, but when it comes to measuring your people’s success, it’s important to focus on metrics that matter.

Often, we see a significant lack of alignment between the big-picture goals of an organization and the way individuals are measured. When this happens, the intent of the goals is lost by the time it reaches the individual, who finds it hard to answer the question, “What does this mean for me?”

Are you ready to assess your customer support capabilities? Want to see what an Assessment analysis would look like?

  1. Within 2 business days of finalizing the optional questions, we will send you a link to your personalized Assessment. The survey is anonymous
  2. We look for a 90% plus response rate
  3. No later than 10 business days after the survey is closed, we will have a 1 hour meeting with a Klever Insight advisor to discuss results and the ‘so what’ of the analysis