Klever Managers

Transform your managers from
enforcers to player-coaches.

Great managers enable all of us to be better than any one of us.

Why managers?

Service and support managers simply don’t have the time for their most important priorities—those that look beyond a single interaction to solve underlying problems that can deliver real value to the organization.

Managers spend 98% of their time putting out fires, leaving just 2% to implement strategic goals.

The managers of low-performing teams spend 83% more time putting out fires and dealing with tactical issues.

Only 18% of managers have the high level of skills needed to manage others.

Managers cause a 70% variance in employee engagement.

1 in 2 employees leaves their job due to poor management.

Klever Managers

Klever Managers learn how to identify the core issue causing a problem, then address it through bite-sized, manageable tasks that allow transformation—of processes, teams, and organizations—simply, joyfully, in the workflow.

Online, self-paced training

Who? Aspiring and new managers or veteran managers who want to add new plays to their playbook over time

What? Our easy-to-follow online training lets managers work through the material at their own pace, with printable handouts and posters and quizzes to help the learning “stick.” Lessons share valuable tools and techniques that help managers guide and motivate their teams to reach peak performance.

When? The training consists of  short, memorable lessons that managers complete at a pace that works for them.

Why? Often, managers view their job as enforcing rules and policies, evaluating workers, and keeping the process churning. Our training helps them learn how they can guide, train, motivate, and inspire team members to work together to meet team goals. Best of all, they can do it when it fits their schedule, so it’s easy to integrate training into the workday, a few minutes at a time.

Virtual Workshops

Who? Managers who have identified key issues—perhaps unique to their team or organization—that must be addressed quickly and efficiently

What? Our one-day virtual workshop leads your manager through exercises, discussions, and breakouts with a Klever Insight co-founder. We discuss the value of guidepost statements and guiding principles and examine techniques and best practices that help them lead their teams. Best of all, the workshop can be customized to address your organization’s unique challenges and structure.

When? The training usually takes place over one to two days, virtually and in real time, so attendees can interact with the Klever team and ask questions.

Why? No two managers or organizations are alike. The workshop session is ideal for organizations that have specific issues they need to address quickly and efficiently. Attendees will leave the session with practicable ideas for leading team members to work better together.


Who? Managers who have identified complex issues that require transformation of a process, approach, and mindset

What? Our 90-day Accelerator is a structured program that includes weekly online training sessions with a Klever co-founder, followed up with offline tasks that help managers move a large-scale project forward. Working alongside the Klever team, your group identifies its most pressing issue, brainstorms a potential solution, then breaks down the steps it needs to take to reach the desired outcome in just three months.

When? For 90-days, attendees meet with the Klever team on a weekly basis to learn the steps for moving their project forward and to review their progress toward the ultimate goal.

Why? Transformation can be difficult, and lasting success requires slow and steady progress. The Accelerator allows managers to reach their end goal in a defined period of time by breaking down the project into manageable weekly steps.

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