Executives, leaders, managers, and teams—welcome to Klever Insight.

Our journey began with a situation that may sound familiar to you: 30 years ago, Phil got tired of answering the same tech support questions over and over again. He knew there had to be a better way.

Traditional process-improvement solutions focus on tools that help you search for answers. We wanted our solution to focus on people, to help managers and their teams think strategically to move organizations forward, rather than retreading the same well-worn paths. Our goal is to empower experts everywhere.

Why trust us? We don’t like to brag. Phil likes to say that sharing our background and accomplishments is a bit like “spreading propaganda.” But our collective team has the deep expertise necessary to create more value from your organization’s end-to-end processes, and we want you to feel comfortable placing your team’s challenges in our capable hands. We’ve been in your shoes, walked your path, and are capable guides for this journey. After all, our mission is to unleash expertise that empowers your people to take the next best step.

Together with our customers and partners, we will consistently set and re-set the bar for what’s possible in customer success and support. We believe the journey has just begun. And, finally, we can impact millions of people around the world.

We look forward to helping your team leap forward,

Phil & Adam

Phil Verghis CEO & Co-founder

I have devoted my career to taking care of customers and sharing what I learn with my peers and have the scars, the awards, a business school case study and a book to show for it. While this helped my career, the companies I worked for, and in my consulting days my clients, it hasn’t fundamentally changed what is possible for customer success and support. Too many ‘launch and leave’ projects. Too many ‘spray and pray’ approaches that created temporary gains that fizzled out in a few years. That’s why we founded Klever Insight.

Together with our customers and partners, we will consistently set and re-set the bar for what’s possible in customer success and support. We believe the journey has just begun. And we can finally impact millions of people around the world.


Adam Krob CIO & Co-founder

I have worked in the IT, call center and customer support industry for 20 years in many different organizations, from small, boutique teams to large call centers. My focus has been on leading customers to sustainable, extraordinary outcomes  by driving collaboration across cross-functional groups.

At Klever Insight, I draw on industry best practices and innovative approaches to help service and support organizations align from executive vision to manager discipline and front-line execution.


Kajoli Gokarn Design & Co-founder

Over the last 25 years, I have worked around the world in international advertising agencies as well as done freelance work in graphics design.

At Klever Insight, I work with a truly inspirational team of people to use visual design to make our solutions significantly better. My job is simplify everything we touch so that there is an emotional connection between our offerings and our customer’s lives.

Martin (Marty) Coyne II Advisor to CEO

Since leaving Kodak as an EVP a decade ago, Marty founded the CEO Learning Network. He works closely with a diverse group of corporate directors, CEOs, senior business executives and investors in roles as a board chair, lead director, director, committee member, senior executive and senior business advisor. He advises directors and CEOs, both new and those running billion dollar businesses, on how to improve their effectiveness and board relationships. He served as a director of Akamai Technologies since 2001, and was Lead Independent Director until 2013.