Klever Insight – the world’s first digital advisor for customer success and support –  connects strategy to execution, so everyone always takes the smartest next step.

Klever Insight gives customer success and support teams a step-by-step way to focus on the important and strategic, while still managing the urgent – so they can do just a little every day, to make a big difference.

Created by experts who understand the intense, interrupt-driven world of customer success and support, the Klever Insight digital advisor gives managers the tools they need to better engage employees and customers.

Klever Insight takes a unique and creative approach by automating years of learnings in the field. Klever Insight’s capabilities and methodologies are built on a flexible and scalable platform. I highly recommend Klever Insight.

Charlie Isaacs CTO, Customer Connection Salesforce

How it works

Because together, all of us know almost everything

Together, we can solve the most important, strategic challenges facing our organizations–while still putting out the tactical fires. Klever Insight combines the best of collective expertise with your entire team’s insight to fuel recommendations that make a difference to your business. It’s like tapping into a working group of company and industry peers — without traveling or taking any time off.

“You are tapping community wisdom in a way I’ve never seen before.”

 –Beta participant

Collective small steps make big impacts

Achieving strategic goals takes putting one foot in front of the other, in the same direction, every day.  Now, success and support managers can all march together with personalized, contextual recommendations and the tools to ensure they can easily do the work and track their progress.

“Level of detail on exactly what to do next is fantastic. Really like the step-by-step templates.” 

–Beta participant

Time for new measures

Klever Insight spearheaded the Open Customer Metrics Framework (OCMF) with industry leaders to help customer support and success teams focus on the few metrics that really matter. OCMF metrics are built into Klever Insight to help managers know if they’re on the right track, and you can build on them too, thanks to the Creative Commons license. Learn more about OCMF.

“Loved the metrics and how Klever Insight helps us get rid of obsolete measures.” 

–Beta participant