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Strategic thinking boosts your bottom line.

But managers spend only 2% of their time thinking about strategic goals. Are they making the most of those 9.6 minutes a day?

Imagine if, after a few minutes interacting with our app each morning, your team could:

Reduce "time to competency" from five months to six weeks

Realize a $58 million bottom-line savings in knowledge management services

Reduce costs by 350% in three months

Companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Tyler Technologies, and Salesforce achieved similar results, and you can, too.

Stop using the same tired methods, hoping to achieve different results. Klever Insight offers the only self-directed, software based Coach-in-the-Cloud that delivers immediate results and long-term impacts in just minutes a day. We've converted the collective knowledge of tech support best practices into practical, actionable steps that will facilitate strategic, big-picture thinking in your managers–without taking attention away from their day jobs.

And small steps can have big impacts on digital transformations.

Ready to take your next best step?