Klever Converging℠

Some new and unknown cases are so complex,
they require teamwork beyond the usual
service and support tiers.

Swarming, done the Klever way, promotes an entrepreneurial spirit and friendly competition of ideas, ensuring that complicated cases are solved in a timely, efficient manner.

Klever Converging℠ (Swarming 2.0)

Swarming is not a direct replacement for the tiered model of service—depending on your organization, you can make the case for both. The Klever framework empowers individuals in a complex support environment to work as a group to cope with uncertainty and rapid change. Start with the principles of swarming and empower your teams to make the leap to Klever Converging

Klever Converginghelps teams crowdsource knowledge while providing individuals tools they need to contribute to the knowledge base, measure the right things, ensure customer satisfaction, and fuel their team’s success, simply, joyfully, in the workflow.

Are your teams ready for Klever Converging℠ ?

One of the prerequisites for Klever Convergingis adopting a knowledge-first support mentality rather than a case-first approach. 

Online, self-paced training

Who? Managers and team members who have embraced knowledge-sharing and are experienced in solving challenging customer problems

What? Our easy-to-follow online training helps teams learn the material at their own pace, with printable handouts and posters and quizzes to help the learning “stick.”

When? The training consists of short, memorable lessons that team members complete at a pace that works for them.

Why? Klever Convergingallows teams to work cross-functionally to solve challenging new and unknown issues by crowdsourcing their collective knowledge and problem-solving skills. The framework mitigates backlog, encourages continuous process improvement, and helps team members reach competency faster.

Virtual Workshops

Who? Managers and team members who want a more personalized approach to applying converging techniques to their organization’s unique processes and systems

What? Our one-day virtual workshop leads your team through exercises, discussions, and breakouts with a Klever Insight co-founder. We’ll look at the concept of Cubes, organize the team into their assigned roles, and align your current knowledge-sharing process with the concept of Klever Converging.

When? The training usually takes place over one to two days, virtually and in real time, so attendees can interact with the Klever team and ask questions.

Why? No two organizations are alike. The workshop session is ideal for organizations that have specific and complex knowledge-sharing needs to be addressed. Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of how to apply Klever Converging techniques to their workflow.


Who? Managers and team members who want to follow a step-by-step process for standing up, adopting, and maintaining a Klever Converging solution within their organization

What? Our 90-day Accelerator is a structured program that includes weekly online training sessions with a Klever co-founder, followed up with offline tasks that help teams move a large-scale converging initiative forward. Working alongside the Klever team, your group learns the benefits of converging, assigns roles to team members, examines incorporating converging into their workflow, and practices the steps for resolving new and unknown issues through Klever Converging.

When? For 90 days, attendees meet with the Klever team on a weekly basis to learn the steps for organizing their own Cubes and integrating Klever Converging into their existing knowledge-sharing program.

Why? Transformation can be difficult, and lasting success requires slow and steady progress. The Accelerator allows managers and team members to learn and adopt converging techniques within a defined period of time by following manageable weekly steps.

The Converging℠ methodology is service marked by Klever Insight. https://www.kleverinsight.com

The first mention of Converging in a written work must include the superscript “sm” in one of the following forms: Converging℠ or Converging(sm). Please also include this footnote or parenthetical statement: “Converging℠ is a service mark of Klever Insight.”