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Our Accelerator program combines coaching services with our software solution to provide fast standup, immediate results, and lasting process improvement.


Klever Insight is not a typical consulting firm.

In our experience, the C-suite spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside consultants to strategize around high-level goals.

But consultants suck up months of work hours, wipe out resources, and leave behind binders. Then those binders sit on shelves because managers don’t know how to adapt and change processes as the business evolves.

We don’t preach and prognosticate. We listen, assess, strategize, then work with your team to put new, improved processes in place to achieve immediate results. And we do it fast.

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Immediate results, lasting impact

Start with our services. We work with your team to identify sources of pain points, then lay out a step-by-step plan to address these issues. You can see results in as little as 30 days.

Then, at the end of our coaching engagement, transition to a customized best-practice module—tailored to your organization—in our software. Your entire team can be onboarded less than an hour, and there is no IT integration.

Our software codifies 100 best practices into a library of guided methodology that continually improves the process—including new practices based on your engagement.

The software module ensures your immediate results yield long-term, lasting impact. More importantly, your managers are equipped to pivot and adapt as your business needs change.

How the Accelerator works

How well does it work?

A major university system with 400,000 employees cut its payroll backlog by 76% in 90 days with our Accelerator program. Tyler Technologies achieved 300% improvement in productivity in just three months.

Immediate results and lasting impact are achievable with very little disruption, or work hours.

What can your organization achieve in just 90 days?

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