Open Customer Metrics Framework

The Open Customer Metrics Framework is the open, modern measurements framework that helps support and success leaders measure what actually matters.

Created by a group of award-winning practitioners and experts, OCMF is designed to facilitate an environment of learning and dialogue.

 See OCMF in action in Klever Insight’s free, self-assessment template
Klever Insight brought together a group of strategic, award-winning practitioners and industry experts to create an open, industry standards measurement framework – because none existed, and that pain was felt by all. Available free to everyone via a Creative Commons license, the OCMF is designed to be added to and improved over time. It is the standard on which the Klever Insight platform measures its customers’ progress toward goals.
Guiding principles
  • The best run organizations have a strategy everyone understands with ways to connect behaviors to achieve that strategy.
  • A good measurement system is simple enough to focus attention on a few key elements that are important.
  • Is fair enough so that people at every level believe they can affect the measures.
  • Facilitates an environment of learning and dialogue – not of control and compliance.

The Open Customer Metrics Framework has initiated an important industry-wide conversation on the five key performance indicators in our business: Customers, Employees, Business, Knowledge/Collaboration, and Acceleration. Being on the ground-floor of this effort ensures Hewlett Packard Enterprise is at the forefront of driving customer and business excellence.

–Mark Arnold, Senior Director, Strategy & Operations, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I am delighted to be part of something as important and breakthrough as the Open Customer Metrics Framework, setting the standard in the industry. As a Service Leader, having outcome-based industry metrics that focuses on customers, employees and business is the right balance for success in todays’ challenging business environment and in delivering the value our customers expect.

–Karen Lim, Vice President, Global Client Advocacy, Pitney Bowes

The Association of Support Professionals (ASP) applauds efforts to develop usable standards that apply to our members’ work. We were invited and chose to work with this standards group. Too often organizations try to measure almost everything instead of what they really should be evaluating, both internally and externally. This group has worked hard to focus on the really important things that should be measured, and explains how the standards should be best used. Such intelligent efforts are rare and should be welcomed by all practitioners.

–Al Hahn, Executive Director, Association of Support Professionals

–Mary Schmidt, Director of Research, Association of Support Professionals

 Having the right metrics for your business is a challenge every organization faces. There are so many metrics to choose from and each has a different purpose and value. The Open Customer Metrics Framework is an effort to leverage the experiences of leaders within the community to provide guidance for the community. I am encouraged by the initial progress made and look forward to the evolution of the framework as more community members provide input to further this mission.

–Rick Joslin, Executive Director of Certification & Training, HDI

Open standards help increase adoption and bring innovation through the collective wisdom of the community. The Open Customer Metrics Framework will benefit both the industry and our members by a providing a standard set of metrics everyone can agree on and use.

–Paul Esch, Director of Strategy & Development, TSANet

–John Ragsdale

–Judith Platz

 See OCMF in action in Klever Insight’s free, self-assessment template