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OCMF Self-Assessment Insight For Customer Success and Support Leaders

Created and shared by Klever Insight

In order to get to where you want to go, you need to know where you are.

Klever Insight created and has made freely available this simple template to let executives see where you are relative to what the Open Customer Metrics Framework proposes.

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About OCMF

Open Customer Metrics Framework (OCMF) is the open, modern measurements framework that helps support and success leaders measure what actually matters. Created by a group of award-winning practitioners and experts, OCMF is designed to facilitate an environment of learning and dialogue. OCMF is available free to everyone via a Creative Commons license.

Klever Insight, the  first-ever digital advisor for customer success and support teams,  has been designed from the ground up to always include the latest thinking from the OCMF framework.

Klever Insight is a founding member of OCMF.