Welcome to the Smartest Next Step in Taking Care of Your Customers (and Employees)

Wow. It has been almost 30 years since I began a career dedicated to taking care of customers, and with the upcoming launch of Klever Insight Beta, I feel proud that everyone who takes care of customers can benefit from the next digital leap forward: with Klever Insight. The world’s first digital advisor for Customer Success and Support teams connects strategy to execution, so everyone always takes the smartest next step.

Strategy must be guided from the top, while the changes required are done by front-line managers. Klever Insight helps with both, plus places at your fingers the experience of an entire industry–because we’ve applied open-source principles to running operations. We’ve seeded the platform with customer success and support expertise and templates, and everyone who uses it helps to improve it–paying it forward by improving results for the next group of people that uses it.

Klever Insight:

  • Recommends the smartest strategic focus for your department or group, based on the success of other organizations and your ability to execute.
  • Guides managers to execute by doing just one small thing every day.
  • Measures success with an open metrics standard.

You’ve likely felt the pain, in one or more of these roles. The leader frustrated that change initiatives fizzle out, the manager challenged to execute the change, the front-line team member who knows where problems lie but is never asked. The analyst charged with maintaining metrics that look terrific (“look, all green”), but whose beauty masks an inability to measure what matters and nobody knows what to do about it.

We have built what we wished we had during our careers — a platform that helps consistently improve operations.

An advisor that open-sources process change.

Together, all of us know almost everything. Klever Insight unifies expertise from across your company and companies like yours, who’ve done exactly what you need to do next.  We have seeded the smartest ways to execute in a platform that also asks for feedback, so that as everyone uses it, everyone helps to make it better.

An advisor that recommends the best next strategic focus.

Klever Insight starts with a proven & quick team survey to get everyone’s perception of what needs to be done. The digital advisor then compares this to data about organizations with similar characteristics and recommends what is likely to work for you.   This helps put an end to gut-instinct decision-making, by providing the data you’ve been missing, with a predictive slant.

Studies show that even highly credentialed experts make better calls than computer-based algorithms only 6% of the time.   So you’ll start with strategies that are more likely to succeed.

An advisor that guides managers to execute and measure success – while still rocking their day jobs! Klever Insight gives managers the tasks and templates to make the change, with just one thing to do today, every day.  Even if they haven’t done it before, Klever Insight shows them how.

Together, these small steps make big impacts—faster and with more accuracy than any of us had imagined.

Take the next digital leap forward with us.   Learn more about Klever Insight, and how 5 minutes of your employees’ time doing a survey will get you results in 30 days.

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