Introducing Klever Insight

Klever Insight is the first-ever, interactive digital advisor that leverages company and industry expertise to help customer success and support leaders always know “the smartest next step” to best engage employees and customers.

Yup, that’s right. Software. What we always wanted to build.

Four years ago, we began a journey to build software that we wished we had when we ran complex global service and support operations. The journey hasn’t been easy and isn’t over. But this is a major public milestone that we will (modestly) celebrate.

So how did it start? Our first focus — Phase I of Klever Insight if you will — was knowledge-sharing. Why knowledge-sharing? An astounding 60 – 90% of what we do has been done by someone in our ecosystem before.

As practitioners, we had seen first-hand the dramatic improvements in productivity and employee engagement that are possible when knowledge-sharing is done right. In our world, ‘done right’ means when leaders create an environment where people want to improve knowledge each time they interact with it, leaving it in a better place for the next person.

Once we got outside the ‘believers’, we realized that for other leaders in Customer Success and Support, knowledge-sharing was all about ‘deflection’ — getting customers to help themselves, in order to reduce costs. What a pity. We have numerous customers with productivity gains of 20%, 30%, 50% and more, including this spectacular result with over $58M in savings.

But we realized the terms knowledge-sharing (or knowledge management) were loaded with baggage. This got us thinking about knowledge-in-action and lead us to the next phase of Klever Insight, the topic of our next post.

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