We can prove digital coaching works—in just 30 days!

When we first walked prospects through the results possible in as little as 30 days using the Klever Insight app, they said it sounded too good to be true.

When they asked us to prove that it works, we were stumped.

How could we prove that a digital coach helps managers achieve a better outcome than managers that receive no coaching? And how could we do it in a timely, cost-efficient manner that requires almost no investment by potential customer companies?

After all, tech support managers simply don’t have the luxury of the time, working in the interruption-driven world of customer-facing operations. Therefore, we knew we needed a proof of concept that would be easy to stand up, and which would demonstrate results in a timely manner. We wanted this “test drive” to yield immediate returns, and we wanted to customize each pilot to achieve a goal chosen by each individual company.

easy to execute

Our pilot is easy to stand up and execute.

We made our pilot easy, so you can see results immediately. Give us one hour to train five managers to interact with our app, then give them as little as 30 days to complete a goal (or “Leap” as our software calls it). That’s it; no consulting time, no professional services, and no disruptive integration with your IT services is necessary.

At the end of the 30 days, you judge Klever Insight’s success by whichever metrics are most important to you—quality of solutions generated, reduction of meeting time, boosted work time, or whatever makes the most sense for your team. We’re confident you’ll be ready to extend your software licenses, and if you do, the pilot is free.

What could your team achieve during the pilot? The pilot we’ve devised can be completed in 30 days, although some customers have extended the test period to achieve even more substantial results. We guarantee you’ll realize measurable returns by the end of your test period, perhaps similar to those achieved by previous pilots we’ve run. For example, maybe you’d like to:

  • Realize a $58 million bottom-line savings in knowledge management services
  • Maintain a 35% reduction in foundation case volume annually
  • Reduce knowledge publishing time from days to 32 minutes
  • Achieve 300% improvement in productivity in just three months
  • Reduce projected costs by 350% in three months

Or try a fun, competitive scenario to ensure buy-in from your team in as little as 30 days…

Team without Klever Insight

Team with Klever Insight

We’ve also designed an A/B pilot in which two teams of managers compete against each other to complete the same tasks. The only difference is one group uses the Klever Insight app and the other doesn’t. Both teams are given minimal direction and are expected to concurrently carry out their usual responsibilities–-a very common real-world scenario.

The team using the Klever Insight app spends a few minutes each day interacting with the app, reviewing the contextual, actionable, step-by-step assignments they need to complete to move their process forward. At the end of 30 days, the teams are judged on how well they respond to the challenge according to metrics defined by the company and a winner is chosen.

To learn more about the astounding results experienced by our customers in just 30 to 90 days, check out these detailed case studies:

Or if you’re ready to make the move from static workflow to dynamic coaching, contact us about setting up a pilot for your organization.