Klever Knowledge – Online self-paced training.

A licensed derivative of KCS®* Knowledge-Centered Service.

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1 hour 46 min to complete.

Courses & Lessons.

  • Introduction
    • Why do we care about sharing knowledge?
    • The four stages of knowledge sharing
    • Four Principles of Knowledge Sharing
    • The KCS double loop
  •  The Importance Of Coaches
    • Coaching overview
    • Choosing coaches
    • Becoming a Coach
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Coaching: What do we know?
  • Articles and roles
    • Articles and roles overview
    • Article status
    • Article audience
    • Roles
    • Klever tip: Articles and roles matrix
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Articles and Roles: What do we know?
  • Workflows
    • Workflows overview
    • Case workflow
    • Knowledge workflow
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Workflows: What do we know?
  • Content standard
    • Content standard overview
    • Content structure
    • Content quality
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Content standard: What do we know?
  • Content health
    • Content health overview
    • Handling Existing Data
    • New content for the knowledge base
    • Duplicate articles
    • Knowledge area analysis
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Content health: What do we know?
  • Communications Plan
    • Communications Plan overview
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Communications Plan: What do we know.
  • Technical specifications 
    • Technical specifications overview
  • Measures
    • Knowledge measures overview
    • Examine your current measures
    • Future measures
    • To Do
    • Quiz. Knowledge measures: What do we know?
  • Review process
    • Review process overview

Questions about the training?

Who? Service and support managers and team members who want to learn the basic principles of standing up, adopting, and maintaining a knowledge-sharing process.

What? Our easy-to-follow online training lets knowledge workers learn the material at their own pace, with printable handouts and posters and quizzes to help the learning “stick.” Lessons cover coaching, workflow, articles and roles, content standard and health, and measures.

When? The training consists of short, memorable lessons that knowledge workers complete at a pace that works for them.

Why? By building in smart tactics and productive habits, we help your support and service team quickly access the right information to resolve issues and satisfy customers by leveraging your organization’s collective experience. Knowledge workers learn to create, reuse, and improve knowledge to facilitate gains in operational efficiency, increase success with self-service, and improve service across the enterprise.

What they said.

" Klever Knowledge (online self-paced training) is going to help Cloudflare develop a custom workflow and a program for KCS".

Shane Ossa


"I just recently had the pleasure of taking a course called Klever Learning (Knowledge), created by Phil Verghis and the smart folks at Klever Insight. It's a terrific presentation on KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) concepts, great both for KCS newcomers and even for more experienced KCS practitioners. What particularly resonated with me is how important effective messaging from executive leadership is to an organization and the need for an overall business goal from knowledge sharing. Also equally important is measuring the success of your knowledge sharing which the course also covers. If you're interested, I highly recommend reaching out to Phil for more information on his course and what he can offer to your organization. I for one will keep consuming his webinars and blogs."

Justin Kelley (He/Him)

• 1st Knowledge Management Consultant at IQVIA

Sometimes transformation can be difficult, and lasting success requires slow and steady progress. If you need to discuss your organizations specific needs, contact us now.

*KCS is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation, who created and maintains the standard: http://www.serviceinnovation.org