This group is an informal “think tank” organized to help service, support, and shared services leaders share knowledge while faced with challenging circumstances.

Our Leaders Roundtable supports the industry through uncertain times.

Back in March, when COVID-19’s impact was still a complete unknown, Klever Insight’s CEO Phil Verghis sensed the troubled times ahead and wanted to reach out to friends and colleagues to see how he could help. He firmly believes “All of us are better than any one of us,” and he hoped he could pull together a kind of “support group” that would promote discussion of industry-related topics (well beyond COVID-19 challenges).

The roundtable, which meets remotely each week, is committed to listening to its members, considering their ideas, and drawing conclusions that each can put into action in their own organizations.

The sessions are not recorded, so member feel free to speak their minds, and any materials created by the group will be attributed to the group in full, rather than singling out any one member.

The group already has enjoyed numerous fruitful discussions, with many more planned, at least through the summer.

Thank you to members of the roundtable for volunteering their time and expertise to share knowledge with their peers.

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