Klever Insight is:

A digital coach for support managers (not frontline agents).

Klever Insight starts with a proven & quick team survey to get everyone’s perception of what needs to be done. The digital coach then compares this to data about organizations with similar characteristics and recommends what is likely to work for you. This helps put an end to gut-instinct decision-making, by providing the data you’ve been missing, with a predictive slant.

Studies show that even highly credentialed experts make better calls than computer-based algorithms only 6% of the time. So you’ll start with strategies that are more likely to succeed.

An coach that guides managers to execute and measure success – while still rocking their day jobs!

Klever Insight gives managers the tasks and templates to make the change, with just one thing to do today, every day. Even if they haven’t done it before, Klever Insight shows them how.

Together, these small steps make big impacts—faster and with more accuracy than any of us had imagined.

Founded by experts who understand the intense, interrupt-driven world of customer operations, Klever Insight provides a data-driven way to focus on the important and strategic, while still managing the urgent — so managers can do just a little every day to make a big difference

Here’s how it works:


Teams take a short survey, 14 questions. Takes less than 5 minutes to complete, 90% completion rates.


Klever Insight recommends your smartest next step. Analysis and key objectives based on your team’s perceptions and ability to execute.


What is the smartest strategic thing to do next?

Klever Insight recommends the smartest thing to focus on, the team’s objective.


Programs with more focused assignments for your team with contextual bite-sized steps for managers so they can do just a little every day to make a big difference.


How do I know if I am on track?

Your team’s success measured with a modern open metrics standard.

Klever Insight uses simple yet powerful metrics to show progress. Klever Insight spearheaded the Open Customer Metrics Framework (OCMF) with industry leaders to help customer support and success teams focus on the few metrics that really matter.

Take your smartest next step – learn how Klever Insight can help you