To reach your strategic goals, empower hands-on managers.

What’s it like for managers in the trenches?

  • Managers spend 98% of their time putting out fires, leaving just 2% to implement strategic goals.*
  • The managers of low-performing teams spend 83% more time putting out fires and dealing with tactical issues.**
  • Only 18% of managers have the high level of skills needed to manage others.***
  • Managers cause a 70% variance in employee engagement.***
  • 1 in 2 employees leaves their job due to poor management.***

Why empower managers?

Clearly, there is a big ask of tech support managers: They simply don’t have the time for the most important priorities—those that look beyond a single interaction to solve underlying problems that can deliver real value to the organization. While the C-suite may prescribe overall business strategy, that vision doesn’t translate to actionable daily tasks for managers on the ground.

Rather, tech support managers must devise their own day-to-day routine to help reach those strategic outcomes, in addition to executing their daily workload, managing teams, and meeting customer expectations. This rarely works out. Tech support managers simply don’t have the luxury of time to think about strategy — it is always customers first.

Tech support managers are tasked with implementing strategic initiatives like “becoming proactive and preventative,” knowledge management, selecting “best of breed” technology, and rationalizing metrics. Then, in addition to ensuring resolution of customer issues quickly and efficiently, hands-on managers are expected to boost employee engagement and satisfaction as well, which is critical to an organization’s overall success. But even if managers could free up time to focus on strategic goals, they’re often unsure of what steps to take next.

What should managers do next?

Klever Insight is different because we realized that improving productivity, efficiency, and performance is not just about finding more time. It also requires instilling confidence in managers by coaching them on best practices for whatever strategic project they’ve undertaken. It’s about offering them practical, actionable, bite-sized chunks of information they can quickly digest and easily enact to keep a team moving forward, while supporting the enterprise in achieving desired business outcomes.

The Klever Insight software coaches your management team to take the next best steps to move forward projects and roadmaps. This isn’t just an FAQ list: We’ve converted the collective knowledge of tech support best practices-both proven and leading-edge-into practical, actionable steps that will facilitate strategic, big-picture thinking in your managers, in just minutes a day, without taking away time and attention from their tactical responsibilities. And small steps can have big impact in digital transformations.