A digital career coach can level up your managers and teams in 30 days.

Klever Insight offers a simple solution to management challenges: A data-driven software-as-a-service solution transforms high-level asks into an easy-to-follow playbook that helps managers make small but lasting changes each day. As these changes aggregate over time, team members gain confidence and knowledge that help them dynamically drive your organization further along its roadmap.


The Klever software provides managers personalized coaching based on best practices, both proven and leading-edge, culled from the cumulative knowledge of every Klever user before them, as well as the 50 years of combined experience of the software’s developers.

propels managers

Klever Insight propels managers from tactical tasks to strategic thinking.

As IT transforms into “Shared Services” in many organizations, managers and their teams need to think beyond their individual jobs to understand their roles across the entire enterprise. It’s not enough to follow a process—it’s more impactful to improve the process.

Klever Insight is a software-based digital career coach that has transformed missed opportunities into a process of actionable steps managers can follow to achieve strategic goals, while still rocking their day jobs.

What’s our secret weapon? The cumulative knowledge of successful practitioners.

Klever Insight is different because we realized—from our own experience in the industry—that improving productivity, efficiency, and performance is not achieved solely by finding more time for managers to do more work. Instead, it’s about instilling confidence and providing them practical, actionable, bite-sized chunks of information they can quickly digest and easily enact to keep a team moving forward, while supporting the enterprise’s desired business outcomes.

So, based on our own experiences, we spent two years building algorithms to achieve a data-driven, modern approach to the strategic challenges hands-on managers face. We wrote algorithms and heuristics and used behavioral science and advanced knowledge-sharing techniques to codify more than 100 best practices into a library of guided methodology that continually improves end-to-end processes. This includes things like improving backlog, reducing re-work, and improving time to competency for employees.

First, we help them find the time to be proactive, then show them how to use that time to improve processes for maximum impact.

Why trust a digital career coach over traditional process improvement tactics?

No training seminar, online course, or consulting firm can provide this knowledge, confidence, and reinforcement in so short a time. In fact, no other software solution is as effective (or innovative), as they don’t offer insight into cumulative (and evolving) best practices. And we go a step further, reinforcing that knowledge on a daily basis to encourage ongoing strategic action by managers and their teams.

This digital career coach quickly becomes a valuable member of your team.

Klever Insight quickly gains user buy-in because it is easy to stand up: Unlike alternative solutions, the software requires no consulting time, no professional services, and no disruptive integration with existing IT services. Users can be trained on the solution in less than an hour, and then spend just minutes a day interacting with it, reviewing guidelines around the next step in their process. And while the software does offer recommended next steps, the data-driven, people-centric solution allows users to choose the leaps, jumps, and steps to work on next.

But if your team needs a bit more direction, combine the software with our consulting services in an Accelerator or Pilot program. We’ll help you choose a goal and work with your team to achieve it in 60 to 90 days. Afterward, you can transition your team to continue using our software to ensure ongoing process improvement.

Today’s managers need time, confidence, and a detailed playbook to set them up for success. Arm them with a digital career coach that helps them set their daily agenda in just minutes each morning. Klever Insight software offers practical, useful, and actionable next steps that solve the most pressing issues faced by today’s hands-on managers.

Ready to learn more? Our digital career coach can reach time-to-value in just 30 days, and we can prove it. Visit our “Pilot Page” for examples of companies who’ve achieved eye-opening results in a 30-day test run.

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