Our industry partnerships help us share our knowledge and optimize yours.

We’ve always believed that industry partnerships are the key to making tech support and shared services the best they can be, no matter what size the business.

30 years ago, our co-founder Phil Verghis got tired of answering the same tech support questions over and over again. He knew there had to be a better way of sharing knowledge.
That’s why Klever Insight was born: We thought it made more sense to pool our collective and cumulative knowledge and make it shareable, because together we are better than any one of us.

Now, we’re taking our mission of sharing best practices and next steps—in just minutes a day—one step further:
We’re forging industry partnerships with other organizations who want to help tech support and shared services leaders and managers make their teams, processes, and systems seamless, efficient, and productive. Members of our partner organizations have access to special programs, discounts, offers, and research that will help them be more effective managers, offer exceptional customer service, and help boost their organizations’ bottom lines. Are you a member of one of our partner organizations? If so, click on its logo below to learn more about additional membership benefits available through Klever Insight.

Are you an industry organization that would like to provide access to our resources to your members?