Klever Swarming – Online self-paced training.

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Swarming with KIT principles.

The new way for your teams to Swarm. Swarming with the KIT principles ensures that while your teams swarm for the urgent solutions they may require, knowledge is shared in real time, continuous improvement happens seamlessly, and your people stay motivated because their success is measured with modern, team-based measures.

But more on that soon. Join our webinar on Wednesday, June 8 2022 11:30 AM EDT for a deeper dive.

Take a sneak preview of the online-self paced training. With bite-sized lessons, and the ability to view the training on any device, your teams will learn how they could soon be swarming easily for solutions. Simply. Joyfully. And in their workflow.

But first, knowledge first!

One of the prerequisites for successful Klever Swarming is adopting a knowledge-first support mentality rather than a case-first approach.

A licensed derivative of KCS®* Knowledge-Centered Service.

Questions about the training?

Who? Managers and team members who have embraced knowledge-sharing and are experienced in solving challenging customer problems

What? Our easy-to-follow online training helps teams learn the material at their own pace, with printable handouts and posters and quizzes to help the learning “stick.”

When? The training consists of short, memorable lessons that team members complete at a pace that works for them.

Why? Klever Swarming allows teams to work cross-functionally to solve challenging new and unknown issues by harnessing their collective knowledge and problem-solving skills. The framework mitigates backlog, encourages continuous process improvement, and helps team members reach competency faster.

Pilot: Swarming with KIT principles.

A service and support organization set a goal to implement a swarming initiative in 2022. They engaged with Klever Insight, and used swarming with the KIT principles as a basis for their swarming pilot. They are further refining the swarming process in advance of a global rollout.

There was excellent buy-in across the pilot team for the new swarming process:

92% of the pilot team believe the process will reduce the time to resolve for complex issues.

“I want my team to be the next team to swarm.”


From the service and support organization

Sometimes transformation can be difficult, and lasting success requires slow and steady progress. If you need to discuss your organizations specific needs, contact us now.