Buried in backlog with no end in sight?

You’re not alone. Klever Insight founder and CEO Phil Verghis has been talking to dozens of his colleagues and connections in the last few weeks about the challenges they’re facing in tech support and shared services.

More often than not, they’ve told him that one of the most morale-sapping issues that hands-on managers face is a list of action items that exceeds their capacity to handle them.

They issue edicts and give special incentives and authorize overtime. Finally, they think they have the backlog under control, and they turn their attention to more strategic actions, but before too much time passes, backlog has creeped up on them again. Sound familiar?

Want to learn to break this cycle?

End-to-end process improvement is the only answer.

Phil wants to help you by sharing the cumulative knowledge he and the leadership team at Klever Insight have gleaned over the years. So, he’s inviting you and a select group of other support leaders to discuss implementing process improvement techniques that promise immediate and lasting impact.

Watch the videoconference with Phil on this topic.