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Most frequently asked questions and answers

Klever Insight is the only software-driven solution that uses data-driven assessments and your own people’s input to drive strategy. And strategic thinking is the key to transforming managers from tactical, transactional task jockeys into big-picture thinkers propelling your organization toward its next evolution. The software is not an FAQ forum offering generic suggestions. Founded by experts who understand the intense, interruption-driven world of customer operations, Klever Insight provides a data-driven way to focus on the important and strategic, while still managing the urgent — so managers can do just a little every day to make a big difference. 

Based on employees’ assessments, we help managers hone into areas that need improvement, then walk them through the daily steps they can take to realize strategic goals, without taking time or attention away from their daily work responsibilities. Using an augmented intelligence algorithm, we provide the cumulative knowledge of our founders’ 50 years of combined tech support experience, along with the knowledge of every Klever Insight user that has come before you to operationalize strategic, long-term goals into day-to-day tasks, essentially automating the project management role.

No, not in the sense that teams are communicating with each other in an online chat or sharing documents in a repository. Rather, Klever Insight offers a common framework and conversation-starters to provide direction so that managers and teams aren’t thrashing around aimlessly wondering what to do next. Additionally, the app aggregates the collective knowledge of your whole team, along with all other Klever Insight users, to determine best practices for your business. In turn, Klever Insight motivates your teams to pool their own knowledge to meet common goals for more effective collaboration.

Klever Insight does not set up, execute, and monitor projects and workflow. However, it leads managers through a personalized series of steps they can take each day to guide their teams to reach strategic goals. Workflow and project management software solutions organize transactional tasks, while Klever Insight propels users forward to reach strategic goals.

No. While Klever Insight is a Cloud-based software solution, it does not collect or store data from your employees’ computers or your organization’s systems.

We believe that intelligence augmentation is long overdue for a comeback. With intelligence augmentation, the ultimate goal is not building machines that think like humans but rather designing machines that help humans think better. The Klever Insight solution allows the human to choose the ultimate goal and the metrics by which they will measure success in achieving that goal. Then, our AI algorithm processes all the data available to it and makes recommendations for best next steps to take, based on the cumulative knowledge of every previous user. The manager interacting with the Klever Insight app, however, decides which recommendations to implement to achieve their goal.

No, it’s also a perfect solution for Shared Services organizations. As IT transforms into “Shared Services” in many companies, managers and their teams need see beyond their individual jobs. Rather, they must understand their function within the greater mission and recognize how their actions affect teams and departments beyond their immediate purview. It’s not enough to follow the process—it’s more impactful to improve the process. Klever Insight can help managers achieve goals that will impact other teams, departments, and divisions, helping them work in concert to reach their organizations’ desired business outcomes by improving efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Most of what we use to measure service success involves activity-based measures rather than outcome-based achievements. Organizations frequently judge employees on the number of transactional tasks they perform over a period of time, as opposed to the value they contribute to the organization’s overall goals and performance. This keeps the employee in an isolated mindset where they check off to-dos to get through the day without understanding their role (and stake) in the overall organization.

Klever Insight brought together a group of strategic, award-winning practitioners and industry experts to create an open, industry standards measurement framework. The Open Customer Metrics Framework is a modern measurements framework that helps support leaders measure what actually matters. It is the standard on which the Klever Insight platform measures its users’ progress toward goals. Available free to everyone via a Creative Commons license, the OCMF is designed to be added to and improved over time.

In our world, that is the amount of time it takes for tech support employees to prepare themselves to work with customers directly without supervision. Getting this measure right — and reduced — is important because it reduces the stress on the employee and team and improves the customer experience. And while this measure has traditionally been judged by an employee passing a battery of tests, we are drawn to the model based on the scorecard of the Open Customer Metrics Framework (OCMF). Essentially this says in a team-based environment, the single most important measure of trust is if your peers trust you to work independently.