About Ruckus

RUCKUS provides converged wired and wireless enterprise networks that simplify life for IT, while enabling them to deliver exceptional user experiences. Acquired by CommScope in 2019, the company’s service and support organization has undergone significant operational and organizational change as the two organizations merged teams. Despite those changes, the group is a mature, highly functioning organization that successfully strives to meet customer expectations.


Ruckus’ service and support team was effective and impactful, based on its customer satisfaction score (CSAT). The groups were humming along, often surpassing industry benchmarks.

Still, leadership saw an opportunity for continuous growth and improvement. Following a series of organizational changes and acquisitions, over time the groups became siloed, leaving opportunities for synergy andcommonality unaddressed. While each team was doing well based on its individual metrics, leadership wanted to boost the overall customer experience. Managers, however, were often too busy with their day-to-day tasks to step back and holistically evaluate operations with a strategic eye toward growth in a timely manner.

After meeting with the Klever Insight team, Ruckus’ service and support leadership agreed to undergo an assessment to reveal the data-driven strategy for next steps.


Ruckus chose a hands-on approach in its engagement with Klever Insight, wanting managers and team members involved in the process. The engagement began in November 2020 with an assessment of the organization’s performance, as perceived by its employees.

Klever Insight developed the assessment methodology through years of research. Over time, as the Klever Insight team worked with many groups to assess their organizational capabilities, they found that focusing on the usual suspects—people, process, and technology—wasn’t enough to give them a sense of what organizations could achieve. After much trial and error, Klever Insight identified three additional areas critical to creating a holistic view of an organization’s capabilities: measures, culture, and leadership. They created a short, simple employee survey of 14 questions that takes less than three minutes to fill out. The responses reveal an organization’s “Service DNA.” Klever Insight’s team views employees’ input through different lenses, each providing data and a critical perspective about what works and what doesn’t.

Klever Insight Assessment

Ruckus’ assessment results were interesting. While the team was focused on the customer, there was an opportunity to focus more on employees. While traditional HR measures like attrition and career pathing were addressing base needs, leadership saw the potential to align values and implement metrics that reflected those values. Similarly, while they had a strong knowledge-sharing program in place, it leaned heavily on improving efficiency of the teams and case management. The Klever team believed the process could be shored up by employing a knowledge-first approach that better supported employee effort.

Klever Insight’s assessment showed that team members, especially those working on the front line with customers, felt they understood customer needs and could work together to deliver on expectations. Additionally, respondents said the organization did a good job of listening to and learning from customer, employee, and business feedback—something that only highly functioning organizations do well.

Klever Assessment Analysis: Listening and Learning Lens

This independent analysis confirmed leadership’s hypothesis that the team needed to address a rapidly shifting organizational and customer environment. They wanted to empower team members to think strategically and act independently.

Based on the assessment results, Klever Insight advised Ruckus to rethink its metrics before making changes to processes.

“Though it was challenging in the beginning, it was an incredible experience to take a step back and look at our metrics purely based on customer experience, as well as through the lens of the entire organization, rather than just our daily routine of case management.”

~ Ruckus team member

The Klever team analyzed the results against its benchmark of other organizations and, based on their strong results as well as the size of the organization, suggested a powerful technique to help Ruckus transform its business by measuring what matters.

Klever Assessment Analysis: Measures Lens

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